What influenced this series ?

I was influenced by the meditational quality of the natural world and the purity, peace and clarity of insight that this brings.  Images began as swimming fish, fronds and branches reflected in tranquil water, water lillies, surface ripples on a lake and the diversity of aquatic pondlife thriving in a healthy pool.

How was the art made?

I used an exploratory process combining photography, printing and painting.  Fleeting abstracts in water were frozen on film, the hidden colours then melted with a water based printing process.  The newly emerging wettened image was then intensified with watercolour paint before being refrozen on film.  In exploring the colours that emerge, I discovered the colours of the chakras - violet, gold, red.  When released by the water they flowed unrestrictedly into one another to form a spiritual whole.

Water Series

© Carolyn Shepherd