The London Rd Collective

Artist: Colin wood  
Photographer: carolyn shepherd


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Newsletter Feb 2012

Press article 11th Feb 2012

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email: arty web @ mac . com

News :

.... here’s what you’ve missed !!

we’ve been drawing with cannon balls, painting on the pavements, meeting Royalty at the Cheshire Show, making a splash with a Miro Art Boat, ghost hunting, doodling in pubs, carving salt blocks, making storyboards, making art in empty shops & planning more

pop up events ....

The London Rd Studios
has a dedicated website at this link :

Photos :

Drawing Event - March 21st

Pavement  Project - 18th May

Doodle Drop In - 21st May

Cheshire Show - 19 June

Miro Art Boat River Festival - 22 June

Applemarket Street Flower Shop - 29 June

London Rd Studios  - 30 October

London Rd Studios  - 11 January 2013

A group of artists with a connection to
The London Rd Studios in Northwich, Cheshire, England.


Contact: Carolyn Shepherd EMAIL: arty web @ mac . com

... So, what’s a Collective ?

“ Catalysts for Creativity “

Mission Statement

We are Catalysts for Creativity as a fun visible process that welcomes everyone and offers a springboard for artistic opportunity.

Our Shared Values

  1. To continue the resourceful, unconstrained freedom of spontaneous creativity that we understand to be ‘The Spirit of London Rd’

  2. To deliver creative action rather than bureaucracy

  3. To make the creative process visible & open to all

  4. To be nonjudgmental of the creative activity of others

  5. To find low budget solutions & low tech processes as a preferred method in order to make creativity happen

  6. To exploit collaboration & partnership as a way of working

  7. To maintain maximum flexibility in our operations.

27 January 2013